Boulevard Linear Vent Free Fireplace – by Empire with a Tidewater Front

Heritage Stoves by Empire

Flint Hill vent Free Gas Logs – Breckenright Deluxe Firebox – White Cabinet with Mantel, Available in 18″ – 24″ or 30″. If you install in a bedroom, request 10,000 Btu’s or less.

Sassafras Vent Free Gas Logs in a Breckenridge Deluxe Firebox by Empire

Empire Comfort Systems: A Company Perspective – Family Owned Since 1932 – A Full Line of Gas Fired Products – Made In the USA. We are Proud to Represent Empire with their Vent Free Gas Products. Come in to our showroom so you can see for yourself how outstanding the Empire Products can make your home feel with warmth and Beauty.