Broilmaster Grill

Cal stopped by The Hearth and Grill Shop on Friday 2/10 looking for a replacement for his Natural Gas Grill. He picked a Broilmaster  Gas Grill on a Patio Stand with two side shelves. He said he needed some heat on his upper deck but could not run gas lines and did not want to give up the space for a freestanding unit with a propane cylinder. We showed him the Aura Electric Infra Red Unit ( it was on and HOT, see our picture!) and it was just what he needed so he purchased two.

Aura Infra Red Unit

Aura Infra Red Unit

Empire Infra red gas heater

I then showed him the Empire Infra Red Gas Heater (also burning on our showroom floor) saying it would be perfect for the ‘Party Barn’ on his farm. He agreed and said to add one to his order with two 20 lb. cylinders which gave him just what he needed! If you are ever in Nashville, Tennessee we invite you to come visit our showroom floor which happens to be one of the largest in United States.  We have a warehouse the size of a football field stocked to the roof with product and ready to ship anywhere you need!  If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website please don’t hesitate to call any time!  1-800-826-5803 or email us at

We take special care in all assembly!

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The Hearth and Grill Shop Warehouse in Nashville Tennessee is the size of an American Football Field and might just be the largest in North America for Fireplace and Grill products!