Our service technicians will get you ready for the upcoming cold season. With cold weather just around the corner. You need to start planning on how you are going to stay warm and cozy. We have been in business since 1974. And this happens every year, you go to light your gas logs or start your stoves, Yes, you already know the answer they are not working. Please prepare ahead of time. We already have a four week waiting list. So check your fireplace Now. And If you need service or need to purchase a new fireplace or wood stove we would be happy to help. Something we try doing to help our customers is with some simple questions. 1. The first thing you need to do is Check Your Batteries in your remote and in your fireplace. These should be changed every year. If your gas logs have a remote in most cases the batteries just need to be replaced. I hope this helps you. 2. If you have Vent free gas logs, you really need to have them serviced every two years. All this information is in your owners manual. If you know the brand that you have just go to their website for more FREE information. We have links on this site to help you. Our showroom has the largest selections in a variety of price points to help you find the right fit for your home. Gas Logs available in vented and vent free. Wood Stoves by Travis Industries Cooking on the Big Green Egg is a great way to enjoy the cold weather. Get your Egg going, put on your food. Go back inside and in a few hours your dinner is ready. The Big Green Egg is one of the best Birthday or Christmas gifts for yourself or your special someone.


Nothing like cooking in the Snow. Yummy! We would love for you to stop by our showroom located at 535 W. Thompson Lane, Nashville, Tn or give us a call 615-255-4551. Hope to see you soon!