On March 3, 2020 – Nashville, Mt.Juliet, Lebanon and Cookeville in Tennessee had a E F-4 to E F-2 Tornado hit these cities.  This Tornado came during the middle of the night. We only lost our power and phone lines in Nashville. They finally got us up and running again by 10:00 a.m. which was amazing. So many homes and businesses had total destruction.  Our thoughts and Prayers go out to All the Families and Businesses that were affected by this tremendous storm. We understand what it feels like to go through lost and destruction. Our own River House on the Beautiful Tennessee River has been sitting in 8 feet of water for over 3 weeks.  Just seeing something you have worked long and hard to have for your retirement get a way. Just be washed away down the river.  Not to mention all the shoveling of mud and cleanup.  I know this is just a house on earth, and our greater reward is in Heaven. So we stand strong in our faith and move forward.  We  send our prayers for all that are going through this loss. Tomorrow will be a brighter day.   In the month of March we will continue our Winter Clearance Sale on Select In Stock merchandise.  We have our demo gas logs at blowout prices. Not to mention our Wood Stoves and Wood Inserts, Vent Free gas logs and Fire Magic Grills.  Plan to visit our showroom during March, this is one of the best sales we offer during the year. We have been Serving Nashville Since 1974, providing Service and Installation for All our products. We provide service within 30 miles from our store in Nashville. hearth & grill Wood Stoves At Blowout Prices!   Firemagic In Stock Fire Magic Grills On Sale – Available in Propane or Natural Gas.   In Stock American Fyre Designs – Add the Perfect Outdoor Fire Place.