Be it a Cart model, free standing, stainless steel grill or a Built-In grill for an Outdoor Kitchen, choosing the correct Stainless Steel Grill can be daunting with the number of manufacturers, grades of stainless steel, and possibilities available. We at The Hearth and Grill Shop have answered thousands of questions about Stainless Steel Grills and have sold hundreds of Stainless Steel Grills. With that experience we have come up with some tips and thoughts to consider when purchasing a stainless steel grill.

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All that is shiny, is not necessarily, the best in a Stainless Steel Grill on the market today and if the price looks to good to be true? – There may need to be an investigation into the grade of stainless steel used. A good quality stainless steel grill and components are a must for dependability and performance. Just because a gas grill is stainless steel, does not mean that it will last or keep from rusting. 430, 430 rolled stainless steel and higher grades are in the market at lower costs; however, if your decision for stainless steel is based on durability, settle for nothing higher in grade than 304 stainless. Manufacturers, such as, FireMagic and American Outdoor Grill use both mirrored and brushed 304 Stainless Steel throughout their grills, resulting in excellent performance, durability and long warranties. FireMagic and American Outdoor Grill are available in natural or propane gas and are field convertible.

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Most manufacturers that produce quality 304 stainless steel grills, readily offer the grade of stainless steel being used, but if the grade of stainless steel is not evident on the grill you are interested in, try the “magnet test”. Take a simple refrigerator magnet and see if it will stick to the grill in question. If it is stainless steel and the magnet sticks, it is NOT a grade of stainless you will want to purchase for the long run. 304-grade stainless steel has a significant amount of chromium and nickel in it and will not rust. Because of the blend of metals and less steel, a simple magnet will NOT stick, but that is exactly the material you are looking for. 304-grade stainless steel is not an inexpensive material, however, you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that the cost of the grill is significant, but the cost of replacing a lower quality stainless steel unit in a few short years with a new one, will most likely be much more. If you purchase an inferior quality grill for an outdoor kitchen and have to replace it in a few years, because it has rusted out, most likely the next grill you choose will not fit back into the original opening. Which means you will not only have to pay for a new grill, but you will also have to spend money to retrofit your island. Manufacturers place warranties on products based on how long they think that product will last or they will create a warranty on a higher end product that they are willing to consume, to sell the product. Grills are great example of this. Less expensive grills found at the box stores will feature warranties that cover materials for 2 or 3 years and that is about how long that grill will last. A lifetime warranty on a grill does not mean that it will last forever. It really means that the manufacturer feels comfortable enough with the quality of the parts that they will not have to be replaced consistently. To some degree, warranty replacement parts have already been factored into the original sale price of the unit. Lifetime warranties on the housing of the grill, the burners, and cooking grids are the best place to start.

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This one may have not come to mind, but we hear it consistently. A customer builds an outdoor kitchen ten years ago and it has served them well, now they would like to upgrade to a newer grill with more features. They pick out a new grill, but now have to modify their grill island, at great cost, to fit the new grill. FireMagic built-in stainless steel grills have been manufactured for over 70 years. With that experience they understand that even if you change model numbers and features over the years, do not change the cut out dimensions for the components. A FireMagic E660I will fit in the opening that was required for a FireMagic Regal II from 15 years ago. If you purchase a FireMagic Stainless Steel Grill today and one 10 years from now you should not have to modify your island unless you choose a larger or smaller grill. Have your grill and components professionally installed by the company you buy them from or a certified gas technician. There may be the need for an electrician and potentially a plumber depending on the components. If you are considering an island under a covered area there may also be the need to incorporate a Stainless Steel Ventilation Hood. Again, the quality of the material will determine its durability and performance. Built-in grills and components will require over size gas lines for installation with gas shut-offs. Existing gas lines may not be adequate for the additional gas required by components. After installation, have your grill routinely serviced by a certified technician. The warranty on the grill may also improve by having the grill professionally installed and you can be sure that your investment will be working at maximum performance and efficiency. Having the grill routinely serviced will keep that grill performing at peak levels and increase its longevity. The Hearth and Grill Shop not only sales the best grills on the market today, but we also install and service them as well.