LOPI Wood Stoves LOPI offers Elegant Wood Stoves, when you enjoy the natural beauty of burning wood in your home. We have the Rockport Hybrid-Fyre wood stove and Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre wood stove available in our showroom. The Rockport combines cast iron beauty with optimum heat performance and solid construction to bring you the perfect mid-sized wood stove. The Rockport boasts an impressive 0.8 grams of emissions per hour and a 84.5% LHV. 78.4% HHV Overall Heating Efficiency (OHE). This allows you to use less wood while burning hotter fires for longer periods of time, saving you money on your heating bills. The Cape Cod is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient large cast iron wood stoves in the world! Revolutionary Hybrid-Fyre technology allows this stove to produce just 0.45 grams of emissions per hour and perform at over 80% efficiency, saving you fuel, money and trips to your wood pile. We would love to have you stop by our showroom, so we can introduce you to these beautiful wood stoves by LOPI.