When shopping for gas logs, the first question you will be asked at The Hearth and Grill Shop is whether you would like vented gas logs or vent-free gas logs.  There are several factors that will go into your decision.   Before that decision can be made, here are a few things to be aware of. The way vented and vent free gas logs operate are completely different. They are not interchangeable and an old set of vented gas logs cannot be turned into vent-free.  Vented gas logs operate more closely to a real wood fire than they do their vent-free cousins.   The vented gas logs by Real Fyre, sold exclusively at The Hearth and Grill Shop,  provide all the characteristics of real fire and flames without the mess. Eliminated are the hassles of buying or cutting and stacking wood. As effortless as the flip of a switch, you’ll have all the comforts and enjoyment of a real wood fire. No more waking up to a pile of ashes, or worries of hidden embers. There are several different types of controls for your new vented gas log set. The easiest is a manual gas floor valve on the outside of the fireplace and with a match or wand lighter the fire is lit manually. This manual ignition may be prohibited in some areas (varies from county to county) and local codes may dictate that a safety pilot be required for vented gas logs. A safety pilot system on vented gas logs is recommended for families with young children. A safety pilot eliminates the worry of potential gas leaks in the event the pilot is accidentally blown out or extinguished improperly The remote control makes lighting your new vented log fire fun and easy. The variable remote control puts you in charge of the flame by providing you with an on and of switch, and control of the size of the flame, making this the most popular choice with our customers. The final control choice is the electronic pilot ignition. These units don’t have standing pilots, and only ignite when turned on. The dimensions of your fireplace and the type of controls will determine what size vented gas logs will be best for any fireplace. A masonry fireplace is only limited in size by your individual taste and have no specific standards for dimensions. Every bricklayer or mason can make a fireplace the size a homeowner desires. When considering a vented gas logs set, it is important to have the following measurements available when coming to the Hearth and Grill Shop.    Please measure: 1. Across the back wall of the fireplace 2. Across the front of the fireplace 3.The depth and height of the fireplace.   These dimensions with the controls and gas line factored in will ensure the perfect size logs for a fireplace.vented gas log

Some positive features of Vented-Gas Logs

o The most realistic looking flame pattern to imitate a real wood fire. o The flame dances and engulfs logs like a real wood fire. o The flame is more substantial and has the best ambiance o The ease of use over wood fires


Please keep in mind that vented gas logs are not intended to provide a significant heat source. The fireplace damper must be open during operation, causing the heat to rise and exit. A vented gas logs would be best suited for a room where the fire is there for ambiance and appearance. Depending on how often and how high you choose to burn your flame, a vented gas log set has the potential of using a significant amount of fuel. For your individual circumstances, a vented log set may be just what you are looking for to add that special touch to holidays or any gathering of family and friends.


There are many reputable producers of vented gas logs. The Hearth and Grill Shop is proud to say we have carried Peterson, Real-Fyre Vented gas logs for 35 years. Their unmatched quality, realistic appearance, consistency and the availability of more than 40 authentic styles have made Peterson, Real-Fyre Vented gas logs the number one choice of The Hearth and Grill Shop.