Our Showroom is Now Open Regular Hours!

Monday -Friday  9:00 – 5:00

Saturday  9:00 – 4:00

It’s time to Fire Up our Grills.  These past several weeks have been hard on everyone in Nashville and in our Country.  When you are looking to change out your current grill or purchase a new grill for the first time.  Plan a visit to our showroom in Nashville, located at 535 W. Thompson Lane.  Our Showroom is full of a variety of grills, smokers and accessories. Or Give Us a Call 615-255-4551.

Thank You For Your Service. Always Remember Those Who Died For Our Country.

Staying Home & Grilling in your own Backyard.

  We proudly offer grills that our made in The USA by R. H. Peterson with Fire Magic & A.O.G these grills are available in Natural gas or propane. Excellent for your outdoor kitchens.  In addition to their grills they offer Freestanding,  Islands, side burners, refrigerators, warming drawers, a Kegerator and so much more. With outstanding warranties. Our Modern Home Products grills – MHP are manufacture in Antioch,Illinois. They offer a wide variety of grills at a very reasonable price point. For the price you receive a great deal of options. These grills are available in Natural or Propane gas. With excellent warranties as well.
Big Green Egg has seven sizes available for your Smokin needs. Our store was the first store in Nashville to offer the Egg over 20 plus years ago.  We stock all seven sizes from Itty- Bitty to Extra, Extra Large, plus all the spices and accessories.

Custom Cypress Medium Big Green Egg Table!

        Weber is known for a very High Quality grill in gas or charcoal.  We offer the Alliance brands of Weber Grills.  These are not the same grill you find in your big box stores.  When you are getting ready to purchase your new Weber grill, please visit our showroom for more information.     TEC Infrared Grills is another way to grill.  If you are looking for a grill that gets really hot to sear your steaks and able to also reduce the heat to a low 200 degrees for slow cooking.  This might be the grill you have been looking to purchase. TEC Grills offers Built-In or Freestanding, Accessories and Outdoor Kitchens. TEC   We offer Free Local Delivery on All our Propane grills. Our in house team of Service and Installation Crews provide excellent service for all our Products.  Please plan to visit our showroom and ask any of our Sales Consultants which grill fits your lifestyle.   Smokin Brothers Pellet Grills, are the only pellet grills we offer, they are proudly made in Missouri. The are family owned and operated, they designed a line of pellet grills that perform to all their specifications, by holding a constant temperature, have plenty of grill space and are built in America with quality and care in mind. In addition they offer pellets and sauces made by Smokin Brothers.

Hope to See You Soon!