Join Us this coming Saturday 7-27-24


Next Grilling Demonstrations 7/27/24


When you visit our showroom you will see a variety of grills and smokers from several manufacturers. This Saturday, July 27th, from 11:00a – 2:00p we will have Weber and Big Green Egg doing live grilling demos. Please stop by to see which grill or smoker would fit for your grilling style. Plus, they will have plenty of food for a delicious lunch.


Pictures from our Fire Magic & AOG grilling Demos…

Mac and Ross with R.H.Peterson

The Apple pie was So good, I couldn’t get a picture to share, they ate it so fast😆


Hot chocolate chip cookies


Freshly made Pepperoni Pizza!


Pizza and flat bread pizza

The best pork tenderloin!

Hot off the Fire Magic gas grill.

400 degrees- Pizza in minutes

Pork Tenderloin Pizza! Why not try something different.

Pepperoni-Green Peppers – Onions & Extra Cheese.


Tony with Hippie Radio Watching his pizza cook

Tony with his special Green Kool-Aid.

Next time you have your friends or family over for a special occasion. Try doing a pizza bar, get some regular flat bread, put out sauce, a variety of cheeses, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, bacon, pineapple and anything you like on your pizza. Then let each person create their own personal pizza. Give it to the grill master and you have a fun way to serve dinner and everyone gets exactly what they like.

Fire Magic pizza oven


Delicious Pizza!   


Our Happy Winners So Far 😀

Make sure to visit our showroom to register to win over $25,000.00 in Giveaways.

Register to Win $25,000.00 in Giveaways ~ During our 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Register to win a new A.O.G. Gas grill valued over $3,800.00, of course we are giving away two of these grills, it’s our 50th Anniversary! ,

Our first winner of a new AOG grill. Congratulations John.


Juanita Happy winner of the Bug-a-Salt


Register to win one of the two A.O.G. Grills. Only one winner per family. Once you win any of our Giveaways, you are not eligible to win other prizes. Also, any giveaway valued over $600.00, you will need to fill out the W-9 form and report your winnings when you file your 2024 income taxes. 

Listen to Hippie Radio 95.9 during the week for additional information about our live grilling demonstration and how to register for all the giveaways during our 50th anniversary celebration.    

E10601 – For your Dream Outdoor Oasis!


Fire Magic Portable Propane Grill.


E7901 Grill Island

FireMagic Pizza Oven.


Portable Stainless Steel Grills


A.O.G. Grill Islands


A.O.G. Natural Gas Grill on Patio Post.

        Homeowners all over the country have come to realize the allure of outdoor fire features in their backyard. Fire brings warmth, glow and serenity, encouraging us to relax and unwind. American Fyre Designs outside fire features enrich your outdoor living space and turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary inviting conversation that flow well into the night- even when there is chill in the air. From Fire tables to fire bowls, you can create just your style from glass gems to gas logs. Visit our showroom to see all the available options for your Dream Outdoor oasis.

A view at nighttime

We carry a Large variety of Grills & Smokers from –  Weber, Smokin Brothers, Phoenix, MHP, Primo, Broilmaster, TEC Infrared, Big Green Egg, Fire Magic, Pizza Ovens and A.O.G. and Stoll Islands, Grill Islands from R.H. Peterson.


Mark your calendars for Saturday. July 27th.

We have several Weber Genesis grills in stock and ready to go. Checkout this Weber Flat top Griddle, Made in America and will last you for many years. Versus the other flat top griddles made in china!  When you purchase a product made in the USA, of course it will cost just a little more up front, but it will out perform and last so much longer. These grills are available in Propane or Natural gas. Our Weber manufacturer representative will be at our store on Saturday, July 27th, from 11:00a – 2:00p doing Grilling demonstrations for you to sample and learn some new ways to grill. Plus, register to win a new Weber pellet grill as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Weber Griddle


Weber griddle with the metal cover.

  Our Big Green Egg Representative will be at our store on Saturday, July 27, 2024 from 11:00a – 2:00p. Doing some great grilling demonstration on the Big Green Egg, plus we are Giving away an Egg during our 50th anniversary celebration. Make sure to stop by and try some delicious samples and register for our 50th anniversary giveaways until July 27th.

Outdoor Furniture 

  We now carry Summer Classics outdoor furniture and C.R. Plastic Adirondack chairs, tables and dining tables. Stop by and sit for awhile! We know you will fall in love with all these comfy chairs.

Make sure to register for $25,000.00 in Giveaways for our 50th anniversary.


Just add table salt and you are ready to take down those nasty flies and wasps.


Shop Local – Why! When you shop local, you are keeping our local companies in business, our economy strong and purchasing American made products, might cost a little more, but not really. You are purchasing products that are made with stronger metals, better parts, that can be repaired. When you purchase an import product, it’s cheaply made, no quality control. After a year or two it’s apiece of trash, not working properly and filling up our landfills. We are Very Proud to offer a large variety of products Made in the USA. If we can help you and your family with Gas grills, smokers, gas logs or fireplace inserts, outdoor furniture, grilling and fireplace accessories. We would love for you to visit our showroom. We look forward in working with you and earning your trust and business.