We Wish you a Merry Christmas.

  We will be closing our store on Christmas Eve at 12:00 noon. And reopening on Monday, December 28th at 9:00 am.  

We are still dealing with COVID-19, causing several of our manufacturers having to close their plants due to the COVID virus spreading through their production lines. Please have patience, we are just as frustrated with this as you are. We will receive a semi truck, but then only half of our orders are delivered. Hopefully, 2021 we will get back to a normal production time.

Winter is when you love to cuddle up by the fireplace. Please visit our Showroom to see all the variety of Gas Logs Vented or Vent Free, Electric or Wood Burning Stoves.  Traditional or Contemporary styles are available.

Contemporary Styles

Please measure your current fireplace opening, the width, depth and height. Also the width of the back wall where it tappers. If you currently have gas run to your fireplace, just let them know what side the gas is run into the fireplace. Take a picture of your existing fireplace, this is helpful if you are not sure about what you are wanting. Our sales consultants will be able to show you the various options available for your fireplace. We have several styles In Stock and currently we are running about 3 weeks out for new installation. However, we have several styles still on back order, hopefully in the next two months we should start to receive more product. We have placed our orders for 2021 several months ago, now we are just waiting on the Manufacturers.  

We just installed these Real Fyre Vent Free gas logs with a variable remote. This way you are able to adjust the height of the gas flame. Thank You Mr. John L for sending a picture of your new gas logs. And the wonderful 5 Star review you left on Yelp.

Merry Christmas from Everyone at

The Hearth and Grill Shop and The Sullivan Family.