Big Green EggThe Big Green Egg is the most versatile outdoor grill you can purchase for grilling your favorite foods outdoors. It can function as an outdoor grill, smoker or oven for baking. I’ve had my Big Green Egg for seven years now. It’s my best friend when it comes to outdoor grilling burgers, steaks, and pork chops.. When it’s time for chicken, steaks or brisket, it becomes my trusted smoker turning out the most tender and flavorful meats. And when I’m hungry for pizza it bakes the best tasting pizza using local fresh ingredients. For this Fourth of July, I’m grilling hamburgers. I always look forward to my weekend grilling on my Big Green Egg because it is so effortless and clean. So here’s my weekend routine for the best tasting tender and juicy burgers possible. The Hearth and Grill Shop sold me my first Big Green Egg seven years ago. I had been eying a Big Green Egg for many years but just could not pull the plug on the price. I kept asking myself, how can it be better than my $250 grill that breaks down or wears out every two or three years? So I took the plunge since everyone I know who has one, tells me I’m crazy that I don’t already own a Big Green Egg with all the outdoor grilling I do. It’s been the best single investment I’ve ever made, yes, the best investment ever for my cooking related purchases! organic lump charcoalThe Big Green Egg never wears out or breaks down. It’s temperature preciseness delivers an even cooking experience each time I grill or smoke meats. My Big Green Egg cover keeps everything dry and protected from the outdoor elements all year long. After pulling my Big Green Egg grill cover off I stir the Big Green Egg organic charcoal from my previous grilling discarding all the while ash. I then add new charcoal, and I’m ready to light charcoal. Yes, you use your unburned charcoal from your previous grilling, it’s the best burning charcoal you can buy. It’s all part of the wonderful Big Green Egg grilling experience. I then add my three square fire starters and light them. Within 20 minutes, my fire is hot and ready for grilling my burgers. Today I’m using local fresh ground meat with chopped Jalapeño’s and cheddar cheese. Mix all together, form your hamburger patties and sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. I grill my burgers at around 400 degrees for 3 minutes on each side with one final turn of 1 minute for a tender, juicy burger. outdoor grillingThen the fun part, finding locally baked hamburger buns and farm fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and zucchini to add to my burger. Say what? Zucchini??? That’s right, I love to cut slices from a large zucchini, roll in olive oil and then grill for a special hamburger. I grill some farmers market sweet candied onions and then I’m ready for the best tasting burger for any family gathering or holiday celebration. So if you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a longer lasting outdoor grill solution, the Big Green Egg is one that I’ve had for seven years and counting. I purchased a new grill cover from Hearth and Grill Shop last week to protect my Big Green Egg and support stand for another seven-plus years. Stop by Hearth and Grill if you live near Nashville Tennessee or visit our online store. Call us with any questions you night have. We can deliver locally or ship anywhere in the lower 48 United States.   grilling hamburgers