Smoked ChickenNow that the snow has melted and the ice is gone, the landscape is green again and bursting with excitement. At Hearth and Grill, we are bursting with excitement, too, in celebration of our favorite season: grilling season! We’re ready for perfectly charred steaks and slow-smoked shoulders to shake off the winter blues and ignite our love for spring. But this year, we aren’t urging you to get your grill on. Instead, get your egg on! With the Big Green Egg– Nashville’s favorite outdoor cooker. With Easter around the corner, why let the kids have all the fun? Bring home a very special egg of your own with no hunting required. We are Tennessee’s largest authorized dealer of Big Green Eggs and carry the best selection of all the “eggcessories” you can find. We want to help you make the right selection for your family so you can fire up your holiday menus and start to get your EGG on! Big Green EggThe Big Green Egg has quickly become the most popular culinary staple for barbecue and grilling. As America’s premier kamado-style cooker, it performs as a 3-in-1 grill, smoker, and oven. It’s superior performance and craftsmanship has made it the crown jewel among outdoor cooking enthusiasts, and its dedicated fan base (affectionately known as “eggheads”) has produced a frenzy of information and accolades surrounding it. YouTube tutorials, instructional videos, publications, and recipes are widely available for every owner. There is never an end to the ideas that are hatching from this EGG!   Lump CharcoalModeled after ancient Asian cooking vessels, this EGG’s unique oval shape and design lends to its efficient performance and versatility. As a lump-style coal grill, it maintains a constant high burn and produces less ash than charcoal briquettes. Big Green Egg supplies its own very best charcoal for smoking and grilling. Two vents, or dampers, located at the top and bottom are adjusted to control air-flow, allowing this cooker to reach a range of temperatures. Dampers barely opened sets a temperature as low as 200F for smoking pork shoulders, hams, and ribs. Slide them halfway for a solid 350F for roasting exceptional poultry or veggies, or open them wide to reach a high 700F for searing, charring, and wood-fired pizzas. The stainless steel external temperature gauge let’s you know exactly what temperature your Egg has reached and the ceramic design retains heat much more efficiently than normal metal grills. SmokerThis adaptability proves most useful at holidays and parties by allowing you more options when preparing a feast. Save your inside oven for sides and desserts and take your main courses outside and let the Big Green Egg do the work. For your Easter ham, mop on a sweet homemade glaze before you set it on your EGG for a double smoked delight. Or take a more French approach with a roasted leg of lamb crusted in tangy Dijon and herbs to give the family a new experience. Bake cobblers and pies outside in the fresh air, or roast beets and spring onions for a vegetarian Easter salad. When you have the Big Green Egg in your culinary repertoire, there is no end to what you can do. We carry 7 Big Green Egg sizes here at Hearth and Grill (XXL, XL,L,M,S, MiniMax and Mini) and look forward to helping you choose the best EGG for you. Whether you’re cooking out with friends or preparing Easter dinner with family, we hope this year you discover the best combination grill and smoker, the Big Green Egg. Time to get your Egg on! Call us today with any questions you might have about the Big Green Egg! The Hearth and Grill Shop 535 W Thompson Lane Nashville, Tennessee  37211 Phone: 615-255-4551