Such a Wonderful Time of the Year.

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to add a New Gas grill, Pellet grill or Smoker for your holiday cooking.

If you have not tasted a Smoked Turkey, Smoked Ham or Cornish hens on a smoker you don’t know what you have been missing.

So Yummy when it’s Smoked!

Our store has been selling grills and smokers since 1974. It’s what we specialize in every day, even when it is 25 degrees outside. Some of my favorite memories are grilling when it’s really cold.

Everyone seems to gather around the grill to smell the wonderful aroma coming off the food and to keep a little warmer.
We even sell outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits to keep you and your guest warm and cozy. Available in Wood, Propane or Natural Gas.

American Fyre Designs
Outdoor Fireplace

If your looking to add a new grill, smoker, Gas Logs, Fireplace, Mantles, Gas Lights or any type of Hearth products. Please plan a visit to our showroom located at 535 W. Thompson Lane, Nashville, Tn. Just past the railroad tunnel.

We provide service within 30 miles of our store in Nashville. Our showroom is filled with All types of gas related products.

If you are out of our service area, your Welcome to come and see our Gas Logs Burning Live. We have contacts in other areas that may be able to assist you, if we are unable to install in your location.

Just send me an email on Contact Us, located on the top of our page.

Everyone at The Hearth and Grill Shop Thank You for your business.