Real Fyre Gas Logs
Vent Free Gas Logs

When the weather begins to get a little cooler, we start receiving more than Average Calls for service on your gas logs. Please before calling for service, try a few things. If you have a remote control, change the batteries in the remote and ALSO on the Vent free gas log unit. Yes, there is also batteries in the Gas log set. Please try to identify the manufacturer of your Gas Logs. Most manufacturers will put their name and model number on each unit.
You can google the manufacturers website and go to Troubleshooting. Each manufacturer has step by step instructions on how to start your gas logs. Also. YouTube will have several videos with more information.

If you have vent free gas logs, the manufacturer recommends having them serviced on a yearly basis. Since they are vent free and they are pulling all the air, dust and dirt from within your home. In most cases, this is why your logs are not operating properly. And I am sure you are like me….What dirt and dust in My home…Never! But, some how everyone has this in their home.


Please be patient, this is our busy season. And we are running about 3-4 weeks out for service and new installation.

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