The Hearth and Grill keeps a large inventory of oversize and extra wide Vent Free Gas Logs in our inventory ready to ship.  Today’s Fireplaces are being built larger and larger.  Both Vented and Vent Free Fireplaces have become more of the center piece in the great room of new homes.  However, more and more people are interested in Vent Free Gas Logs due to the low cost energy savings that come from Vent Free Gas Logs compared to Vented Gas Logs.  This poses a conundrum.  Manufacturers are by law not allowed to produce any Vent Free product over 40,000 BTU’s per hour.  Therefore when you make a large set of Vent Free Gas Logs the flame looks small because it has to be so spread out. Vantage Hearth products has combated this dilemma by creating the Magniflame series, which boast a triple burner to achieve the look of a real wood fire.  The burner on the Magniflame is also cantilevered to produce tall flames that will not be dwarfed by its massive 19″ high refractory cement logs. Indoor Vent Free models feature two burners of bright yellow flames, plus the lower burner for the glowing ember bed.  Outdoor models feature two burners of bright yellow flames stainless steel chassis and grate.  The Magniflame series are available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ gas log sizes. The Hearth and Grill Shop after 38 years in business continues to provide the newest and highest quality products in the hearth and fireplace business.  
Oversize Vent Free Gas Logs for the Fireplace

The Hearth and Grill Shop offers Oversize Vent Free Gas Logs