Real Fyre vented Gas Logs by Peterson have been warming homes, providing comfort, convenience and enjoyment for over 60 years.  The Hearth and Grill Shop has been carrying Real Fyre gas logs for the past 38 of those years. Vented Gas Logs will provide a large, realistic looking gas log flame that is as close in appearance to a real wood fire without actually burning wood.  Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of Vented Gas Logs over wood burning is that Vented gas logs do not have to be carried in or ashes scooped and carried out.  Cutting, stacking, and seasoning wood is also eliminated.  Air pollutants are reduced and forest resources are preserved, making vented gas logs Eco-Friendly.  The ease in lighting and the appearance of Vented Gas Logs make them a wonderful alternative to burning wood. Vented Gas Logs must be operated in either a masonry or prefabricated wood burning fireplace.  They must be used with the damper fully opened, just as if a wood fire was being burned. There are several different types of controls for Vented Gas Logs.  The easiest is a manual gas floor valve on the outside of the fireplace and with a match or wand lighter the fire is lit manually.  This manual ignition may be prohibited in some areas (varies from county to county) and local codes may dictate that a safety pilot be required for Vented Gas Logs.  A safety pilot system on Vented gas logs may also be a good idea for families that have young children.  If the safety pilot is blown out or goes out for whatever reason there will not be any raw gas in the house.  There are also gas log remote controls for Vented gas that make lighting easy and safe.  Variable remote controls, which not only turn the unit on and off, but also move the flame up and down, are the most popular.  There are also, electronic pilot ignition units that do not have a standing pilot, but light only when the unit is turned on. The dimensions of the fireplace and the type of controls will determine what size Vented gas logs would be best for any fireplace.  There are NO standard masonry fireplaces.  Every bricklayer or mason can make a fireplace any size they want.  The most important dimensions to measure are:  Across the back wall of the fireplace, across the front of the fireplace, the depth of the fire place and finally the height.  These dimensions with the controls and gas line factored in will ensure the perfect size logs for a fireplace. The positive features of Vented Gas Logs are:
  • The most realistic looking flame pattern to imitate a real wood fire
  • The flame dances and engulfs logs like a real wood fire
  • The flame is more substantial and has the best ambiance
  • The ease of use over wood fires
The negative is that Vented gas logs burn a substantial amount of gas and they have to be operated with the fireplace damper fully open on the fireplace just like a real wood fire.  With the damper open, heat will be going up  the chimney, so Vented gas Logs are not an efficient heat source.  This may not be a negative, however.  Installing Vented Gas Logs in a fireplace where appearance and ambiance are more important than heat, such a formal den or dining room may be ideal for entertaining family and friends. Real Fyre vented gas logs are available in more than 40 authentic styles and are handcrafted and hand painted to create the most realistic Vented log sets available.  Shop at The Hearth and Grill Shop to see the largest selection of Real Fyre Vented Gas Logs in the Southeast United States.